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Embarcadero Conference 2016 – Brazil


The Embarcadero Conference 2016 Brazil is now very close, so I thought about sharing some facts about the event.

1) That event is the largest Delphi and C++ Builder developers conference in the world, we have around 500 attendees every year, and we are expecting more for the next October 26th.

2) We are growing in content and space if compared with all the previous years: 7 tracks, 48+ speeches, 50+ hours of valuable content, everything in one day!

3) There are attendees from the entire country, of every state of the federation. In case you don’t know too much about Brazil, we are a continental country, so the distance here really matters:

4) We used to have also visitors from neighbor countries, let’s see who will shows up this year…  😉

5) We have nowadays more than 15 Brazilian MVPs in the Embarcadero MVP program, and all of them will talk in the event.

6) Talking about MVPs, Jim McKeeth, the MVP Program Manager will also be here, doing the Opening Keynote!

If you want to know more, you can explore the Conference Portal (in Portuguese), but I’m also providing here an unofficial translation in english, as well some pictures from the 2015 edition!


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FireMonkey 2: Novos Recursos

Neste vídeo apresento as novidades introduzidas no FireMonkey 2. Nele você vai conhecer dezenas de novos recursos da plataforma, como por exemplo:

  • Suporte a Actions, ActionLists, LiveBindings Actions, AnchorsAlignment
  • Novos padrões de layout como Grid e Flow Layout
  • Captura e Reprodução de Foto, Vídeo e Áudio
  • Estilos baseados em Bitmap, contando com um editor de estilos redistribuível
  • Controles Pixel Perfect e suporte a Retina Display
  • Suporte a Sensores e Serviços – GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro

E muito mais… vamos ao vídeo:

Apresentação do FireMonkey 2 (FM2)