Meeting Organizer


The Meeting Organizer project (MO) was created in 2007 as part of an training course. The idea is to use the project to show some development techniques that can be applied in distinct scenarios.

Now the project is converted to Delphi Berlin, and I have some ideas to expand it, starting by deploying to the Windows Store using the new Centennial support available in Dephi and C++ Builder Berlin 10.1.2.

Other ideas that I have in mind are:
– converting from a C/S project to a multi-tier project using RAD Server
– hosting a demo in some cloud infra
– creating a mobile client for iOS and Android, and deploying to the respective virtual stores

The big difference here, everything using the same source code, all platforms!

The updated source code can be found here, and there  is also an compiled version if you want to try inside the Binaries folder.

In case you want to contribute with some code, please contact me! I’ll try to keep regular posts showing the progress.