Delphi and C++ Resources

It’s very common for me to receive messages from customers asking for help in several topics, in special people that are upgrading their projects, or totally new users that don’t know where to ask for some guidance.

The good news is Embarcadero has a lot of resources available online for free, we just need to put things together 😉

I’ll try to keep this resource list (which is not finite or complete at all) updated, adding more and more links while I’m answering customers.

RAD Studio Product Documentation 

CodeRage (30+ webinars per edition)
CodeRage 8: 
CodeRage 9: 
CodeRage X: 

Developer Skill Sprints (100+ webinars - 20 minutes each)* 

FireDAC Skill Sprints (10+ webinars):

RAD In Action (30+ workshops) 

Developers Direct (30+ webinars) 

Migration Center 

Books, ebooks and Courseware 
* eBook em Português: Programação Delphi para Iniciantes
* eBook en Español: Programación Delphi para Principantes
* eBook in English: Delphi Programming for Beginners

Embarcadero Community

Great Resources from Developers
FMX Express: 
Delphi Crash Course - 
Delphi Basics - 
Essential Pascal - 
Essential Delphi - 
Essential SQL - 
Pascal Programming - 
About Delphi - 
Learn OOP with Delphi - 
Pascal Programming - 
Start Programming Using Object Pascal - 
Delphi Programming - 
Delphi Central - 
The Index -
Swiss Delphi Center - 
Dr. Bob’s Delphi Clinic - 
EFG’s Computer Labs - 
Digital Signal Controllers in PASCAL - 
Richey’s Delphi Box - 
Delphi Training Series - 
All about Indy - 
Stack Overflow -

Resources in Portuguese:
Delphi Academy Replay -
CodeRage Brasil X -
CodeRage Brasil III -
Embarcadero Conference 2015 Online -

Resources in Spanish:
Delphi Academy Replay -
CodeRage LatAm X -
CodeRage LatAm II -
Videos de RAD Studio -

And finally, how to ask for help in 4 steps...
1- First of all, always take a look at Embarcadero Quality Central Portal ( ) in search of similar problems
2- If you can't find anything similar to your problem - and you think this is a real bug - please open a new QC to report your issue informing all the details to make the QC reproducible (you need to be logged to be able to do this)
3- Finally, if you have an active maintenance contract, open a customer support case here, and mention the QC report in the details
4- If you don't have an active maintenance contract, you can discuss your QC report on the Embarcadero Discussion Forum, accessible through this address