Trilha Delphi/C++ Builder no TDC 2018

Pelo terceiro ano consecutivo estaremos com uma trilha RAD no TDC! Diferentemente das edições anteriores, nossa trilha será no sábado, dia 21/07, com inicio previsto para as 10 horas da manhã, logo após a abertura no Auditório Principal.

Confira o que reservamos para este ano:

Screenshot_2018-07-14 Trilha Rad Delphi C++ - TDC 2018 São Paulo

As inscrições seguem abertas, todos os detalhes estão neste link: s

Teremos muito tempo para trocar ideias sobre desenvolvimento e também para networking! Nos vemos lá?


Embarcadero Report from the TDC 2017 in São Paulo

In the week of 18 to 22 of July we had the biggest developers conference from the Latin America, popularly known as The Developer’s Conference.

Embarcadero, as a key player in this market, was present there, not only as a Diamond Sponsor, but also with an entire track about Delphi and C++ Builder!

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During these days we had the opportunity to show off the power of our multi-device strategy, as well our new backend support for Linux and the Windows 10 integration. All the presentations were organized and presented by our MVPs and community of users:

Inline image 1

Considering the entire week, more than 3k developers passed by the event, as well by our booth, where we did tons of demos and discovered developers surprised with the power that Delphi has nowadays!

You can find some thousand of pictures in the event fan page on Facebook, I’m pretty sure you can find us there!

RAD Studio no TDC São Paulo!


Este ano a Embarcadero terá uma trilha Delphi e C++ Builder no TDC São Paulo, e nós estamos muito entusiasmados em poder mostrar todo o poder do RAD para Windows, Android, iOS, macOS e Linux!

Você que é fera em Delphi ou C++ Builder, e gostaria de palestrar no evento, este é o link para submissões (somente até o dia 30/05):

Desde já convidamos toda a comunidade a se inscrever e participar conosco no evento. A Embarcadero terá também um box onde estaremos apresentando cases de sucesso em aplicações mobile e multicamadas ao vivo!



Exemplos Delphi Tour, Roadmap e mais…

O Delphi Tour acabou, mas as novidades da Embarcadero não!

Conforme prometido, neste link você encontra todos os exemplos utilizados durante o evento, e alguns adicionais:

flrizzato DelphiTour Repositório Delphi Tour Todas as edições iniciando por RAD Studio XE4

Estamos publicando também, no mesmo repositório, todos os exemplos das edições anteriores, iniciando pelo XE4. Fiquem a vontade para explorar!

Se tiver interesse nas mensagens gerais da apresentação, aqui temos também o PPT utilizado durante o evento:

Aproveitando este artigo, falamos durante o evento que teríamos o Roadmap atualizado em alguns dias, e aqui está ele:

Vale também a leitura dos comentários adicionais de nossos PMs sobre o Roadmap:

E para encerrar, mas não menos importante, teremos uma edição online do Delphi Tour (detalhes em breve), com tudo o que foi apresentado na edição presencial!

Uma vez mais, agradecemos a todos pela excelente público em todas as paradas, é realmente um privilégio poder falar com cada um de vocês.


Delphi Tour Report: Recife and Fortaleza

This week I was in Recife and Fortaleza, not for the beautiful beaches and sightseeing, but for the Delphi Tour!

Great audience as usual, and a lot of interest in our new compiler for Linux. People are really considering moving their servers (in special DataSnap) to this platform, in order to save some money with hosting, and improve the general performance as a plus.

Here are some pictures from the city as well from the venue.

Next week I’ll be in Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Chapeço and São Paulo!

You can find the full schedule and the subscription page here:

Hope I can meet some of you in person in one of these stops! I’ll try to report in daily bases starting from next Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Presentations and Pictures from Embarcadero Conference 2016


Last week (26th) we had the 2016 edition of the Embarcadero Conference. Here are some numbers that I’d like to share:

– 500+ attendees
– 30+ speakers
– 48+ sessions
– 7 simultaneous rooms

The feedback from the people that I’ve talked was incredible, specially regarding how technical the event was this year, with a lot of really deep sessions, in all the software development areas.

We are madding available all the presentations (in Portuguese), as well the samples in this GIT repository. Notice that the repository has also content from past editions (from 2012 to 2015):

Also, there are some pictures… well… hundred of pictures in this album, so you can have a better idea about how we spent these incredible eight hours with our developers:

And yes, we already started planning the 2017 edition, trying to make it even better!

Embarcadero Conference 2016 – Brazil


The Embarcadero Conference 2016 Brazil is now very close, so I thought about sharing some facts about the event.

1) That event is the largest Delphi and C++ Builder developers conference in the world, we have around 500 attendees every year, and we are expecting more for the next October 26th.

2) We are growing in content and space if compared with all the previous years: 7 tracks, 48+ speeches, 50+ hours of valuable content, everything in one day!

3) There are attendees from the entire country, of every state of the federation. In case you don’t know too much about Brazil, we are a continental country, so the distance here really matters:

4) We used to have also visitors from neighbor countries, let’s see who will shows up this year…  😉

5) We have nowadays more than 15 Brazilian MVPs in the Embarcadero MVP program, and all of them will talk in the event.

6) Talking about MVPs, Jim McKeeth, the MVP Program Manager will also be here, doing the Opening Keynote!

If you want to know more, you can explore the Conference Portal (in Portuguese), but I’m also providing here an unofficial translation in english, as well some pictures from the 2015 edition!