Delphi Tour Report: Second Week

Image of the map

Delphi Tour Stops

During the second week of Delphi Tour I passed by Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Chapecó and São Paulo.

Great public in all stops, and some important achievements. In the south of the country we have an active and vibrant community, and talking with the developers, we found some wonderful cases that we are going to publish as success cases in the upcoming months.

But the most surprising thing in my opinion are the universities we are adding to the academic program. In each city we heard about projects and researches done with RAD in schools and universities, and this model is something that we really want to replicate in the entire Latin America. This will not only educate new Delphi and C++ Builder developers, but also drive the innovation using our tools!

Special mention here to Unoesc, an university in Chapecó, and Guinter Pauli, Embarcadero MVP and teacher there. This is a place where the integration between the school and the companies established in the region really works.

As usual, let’s finish this report with some pictures from the stops, but also with a big “thank you” to everyone that in some manner made this happen!

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